Thanks for visiting! Bardzo dziekuje! 

My name is Ewelina. I was born in Poland and came to America at age 7. After watching my mother cook some of the most amazing meals I’ve tasted, I couldn’t stay away from her kitchen. Cooking became my “childhood passion” which opened my eyes to the beauty of ethnic cooking around the world and enriched my own cultural Polish roots along the way.

Coming to America inspired me to indulge in endless global recipe creations and for that, I am beyond grateful.


I am a wife of a busy optometrist and a full-time mommy raising 2 munchkins whom I love beyond words. I have a 7 yr old son who’s my husband’s clone. We call them the “chill crickets” because they are calm, determined and at peace with everything around them. My 6 yr old daughter is free-spirited, wild at heart and a mirror image of her mommy. We are the “tiny tornadoes” of the family who occasionally stir in some fun chaos on ordinary days.

I am an early childhood teacher and I adore my students. They enlighten my soul and leave an imprint on my heart daily.  Seeing them smile makes my life that much brighter.

I also enjoy writing, reading and spending time with my family. I am a dedicated Christian woman and LOVE God with all my heart. I read the Bible daily, pray lots and trust that Jesus whole-heartedly guides our lives’ pathways. Thanks to Him, I was led towards this blog, in hopes of sharing recipes/ideas and inspiring others around the world. 

My motto:
Live simply. Love lots. And enjoy each moment. Today is a gift and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.



My passions include…

  • cooking ethnic creations
  • doing messy crafts with the kids
  • spending time outdoors
  • organizing our home
  • shopping clearance aisles
  • My favorite: using an assortment of global ingredients, herbs and spices to invent yummy cultural bites in the kitchen (it’s more than a hobby, rather a cooking addiction as my family and friends call it)

I do all this because I enjoy and love it! And spreading this joy, together with readers like you, is what I hope for. To share ideas, cook lots, have fun, encourage one another and spread gratitude wherever life takes us.

Lets create savory deliciousness with a SPUNK!

(spunk – courage, determination, confidence, daring, spirit, grit)


Hop aboard spunkers and let this journey begin!