Below are some great links that helped me save money, budget finances better, shop simpler, cook with an open mind and prepare recipes worth trying and definitely sharing.

And they are absolutely FREE to download. Which is the #1 reason I’m sharing them with you.


This one is my favorite. We started it when we got married and it really opened up our eyes to how our money is spent. It is highly recommended by David Ramsey so bam! That’s an added bonus because he’s a well-known financial guru who’s stern about budgeting, eliminating debt and reaching financial freedom ASAP.

What I learned in the last few years:

Budgeting is a simple and practical habit that encourages you to track your finances and save money. Without a visual picture of where your money goes (exactly where it goes), it’s impossible to know how much you spend and on what.

With budgeting, every single transaction counts. Every receipt. Every online and in-store purchase. Every swipe of that card. Every single one counts and it’s accounted for.

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Imperfect Produce –

Healthy, delicious fruits and veggies (regular and organic) for about 30% less than grocery stores, delivered to your door. Their produce may look imperfect but it’s always fresh, delivered on time and the prices are great.

And you’re helping the environment by cutting down food waste while consuming lots of fresh veggies and fruits, creating delicious and healthy meals right in your kitchen. So there! It’s a win win for all.

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Student Loan Refinancing

Lendkey – Student loan debt is frustrating and it keeps you from moving ahead financially. I understand. My husband and I are still paying off our student loans. However, our principal balance is getting smaller faster.

Because interest rates matter and Lendkey will help you get there.

We went from 6.8% down to 3%* and that helped us big time.

*Note: Rates may vary. Your rate will be determined by the loan company once you sign up and get approved.

Click HERE to learn more.

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