Caramel Pecan Apple Dip

A creamy, sweet and crunchy appetizer topped with gooey caramel sauce and buttered pecans.

This dip goes great with apples, pears, tea biscuits or crackers of your choice. It’s also quite delicious by the spoonfuls. You’ll see how quickly this cute appetizer disappears when you serve it at your Thanksgiving feast.

And with the holiday season upon us, why not indulge in some comfort food after a stressful day. Right?

So lets get started.
Deliciousness is within reach 😊


– 1 (8 oz) PKG cream cheese
– 4 oz caramel sauce (store-bought)

– 1/2 cup pecan pieces
– fruit and crackers of your choice (apples go great with this dip)


1. Place the entire block of cream cheese on a plate.
2. Drizzle with the caramel sauce.
3. Top with the pecans.
4. Serve with your favorite fruit or crackers.
5. Enjoy!