How Gratitude Saves You Money

Saving money and looking at our bank account with confidence feels awesome. It’s a great goal to have but it isn’t always easy to do. Spending on the other hand is quite the opposite. We’re human and we like to spend, especially with a credit card that takes a few seconds to swipe. It’s one of the easiest things to do these days.

But not the wisest unless of course, you pay off the entire statement balance every single month and earn points doing so.

Before we start loading our carts with things we cannot afford, lets focus on how gratitude plays a role in saving money. How appreciating what has been purchased days, weeks or years ago creates a sense of fulfillment and ultimately leads to happiness.

A sort of “I’m fine with what I currently have and don’t need more at this moment” type of mentality.

And why do this?

Because not wasting money on useless, unplanned purchases feels great. You’re training your brain to say “no” more often which limits your spending. And you’re more likely to be thankful for the way you handled that decision in the first place. So that should put a smile on your face. Right? So high five to you!

# 1 – Gratitude is free.

No matter how you perceive it, being thankful is absolutely free. It doesn’t cost anything to appreciate what’s around you, keeping you alive and well. If your health is in decent shape and you’re surrounded by family, friends and pets who love you, then consider yourself lucky. Those things alone contribute to most of your daily happiness. So cheers to that!

#2 – Gratitude is people-focused.

The people in your life really matter. A lot! They have been there for quite some time and that’s a gift you should acknowledge often. They stuck by you through the good and bad. They offered their time, laughter and words of wisdom. You are here today because they were around. And I bet some of your most memorable moments spent together cost you close to nothing.

Perhaps a hike, outdoor picnic, late night phone call, a movie rental with snacks and cheap wine. You know those times meant a lot and you miss them. We all do. Because who doesn’t want a good time without using their wallet?

So make sure to let the people in your life know they rock. How much they matter to you. How much joy and laughter they bring you. And the years they add to your life. Please thank them. They deserve it. Call them today and plan a free friendship date.

#3 – Gratitude is contagious (in a good way, of course).

When you spread the word “thanks” around, it not only uplifts you but others, too. You smile and others will too. And the more you smile, the better you’ll feel. The better you’ll feel, the more likely you’ll find joy in the simple things. Which leads to appreciation, kindness and happiness. And for that reason, you’ll limit your urges to spend on materialistic things. So keep those simple thank yous’ going. It’s a great trend to instill in this world which needs it desperately. So rock on!

#4 – Gratitude reduces stress.

Sometimes when I’m shopping and see someone in the same aisle, I may start a conversation about a random topic with that person. After a few minutes, we smile, share some ideas and go our separate ways. I keep on moving with a happier approach to shopping which leads to better decision making. And more smiling reduces mental chaos which leads to less spending. Isn’t that worth it? So go ahead and smile. You will stress less and feel fantastic.

#5 – Gratitude redirects you.

When I’m running errands, I have my shopping list handy and I stick to it. But sometimes, I may cross things off without even buying them and redirect my focus.

I ask myself:

Do I really need this? Is this a “must have” item that will complete my dinner tonight? If the answer is no, then I put whatever it is away and keep walking. I care less to stock up at this point because piling up sale items randomly isn’t a smart move anyway. Just get what you need and be thankful for the food and basic necessities you already have at home. So there. You just saved a few more bucks because you’re awesome! You’re shopping smart and leaving behind items you don’t need. Keep it up!

# 6 – Gratitude fulfills you.

How do you feel at the end of your day? How is your family doing? Did you find time in your busy day to give thanks for what you already have? Are you honest with yourself knowing you have everything you need? Chances are, your heart is satisfied because the people you care about are happy. They’re smiling and living life. Especially, kids. Those little munchkins have a way of brightening our days in various ways. They remind us to live in the moment and feel content with the now. Precious!

Remember, wanting more doesn’t lead to true happiness. It’s appreciating and loving what we already have that keeps us happy. And the more appreciative we are, the more fulfilled our hearts will feel.

So raise your glass and remind yourself to live simply and give thanks! 

Happiness is all around…



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